Fox International's Die Another Day continued its record-breaking worldwide march over the weekend with a phenomenal $31.6m haul from 19 markets. After 13 days on release the twentieth James Bond instalment has grossed a powerful $65.4m internationally and $100.6m in the US for a $165.9m worldwide tally. In Germany it opened top of the charts with $8.9m from 871 theatres - beating 1995's GoldenEye for the best Bond bow ever in the territory and relegating Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets to second place. Belgium also yielded the best ever opening for a Bond picture with $985,778 from 80 venues. Die Another Day soared in Scandinavia, too, taking $1.8m from 106 screens in Sweden and $645,369 from 50 theatres in Finland. In the German part of Switzerland it went straight to number one with $1.5m, while Austria produced the best opening ever for a Bond picture with $1.2m from 90 screens - a remarkable 60% higher than the previous mark set by 1999's The World Is Not Enough. It was also Fox's biggest ever opening in the territory.

In the Philippines Die Another Day opened top of the table with a strong $1.1m from 167 theatres to register the distributor's biggest ever opening there. In Israel it grossed $271,204 from 34 theatres while in Iceland it opened number one, grossing $117,994 from six sites for another best ever opening accolade for Fox. Bond carried on his sterling work in Eastern Europe, where the picture opened number one in every territory. It grossed $97,835 from 11 screens in Croatia; $57,351 from three screens in Estonia for Fox's best ever bow there; $23,519 from three venues in Latvia; and $34,637 from five in Lithuania. Further afield in Trinidad, Die Another Day registered Fox's second biggest bow of all time in the territory with $66,873 from nine screens.

The holdovers were impressive, too. In its second weekend in the UK the picture knocked Chamber Of Secrets off top spot with $8.3m from 430 theatres for a $27.9m cumulative score. After 10 days on release Die Another Day had grossed 90% of the final box office for 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies and has already passed the total box office for GoldenEye. In France the picture held on to number one, grossing $4.2m from 713 screens for a $13.3m running score. In Spain, where Bond pictures have traditionally done lukewarm business, it took $1.7m from 330 venues and stands on a $5m cumulative score in the territory. In the French-speaking part of Switzerland it added $304,749 to the coffers for a $905,138 cumulative score. The total for Switzerland is $2.4m from 109 theatres.

Die Another Day opens in Lebanon, Malaysia, Singapore and Yugoslavia on Dec 5 and in South Africa on Dec 6.