James Cameron’s Cameron Pace Group (CPG) will set up a China headquarters in Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Park (THIP). 

The China operations, named CPG China, is the first office of Cameron Pace Group outside of the US.

CPG China is a joint venture between CPG, Tianjin Northern Film Group and Tianjin Hi-tech Holding Group, the two major film studios and investors in Tianjin city, 120 km southeast of Beijing.

CPG China will include an administration center and Chinese shooting and production center. Its main business will include 3D technology certificate system, production of 3D programs, talent development of 3D technology, 3D research lab and the production of 3D equipment.

At the signing ceremony in Tianjin, Cameron told Chinese press that the reason for CPG to enter the Chinese market is because Chinese audience loves 3D movies, which is proven by the box office of Avatar and Titanic 3D.  “We are willing to provide technology and facility support of 3D films for the Chinese audience,” Cameron said.

Wang Dafang, head of Tianjin Northern Film Group, said the joint venture is based on mutual trust. “This is a very meaningful venture,” Wang said. 

Wang also announced that the company had acquired the mainland China rights to distribute Cameron’s documentary Deepsea Challenge, together with Huaxia Film Distribution.

At the signing ceremony, Cameron did not reveal the first projects from CPG in China.  However, according to Beijing-based Pegasus & Taihe Entertainment International, CPG China is likely to work with China Film Group and Pegasus & Taihe Entertainment International on a 3D docudrama about the history of Beijing.  In April, at Cameron’s last China trip during the second Beijing International Film Festival, Cameron also mentioned the possibility that the company will provide 3D technology service for a Chinese-foreign co-production The Art of War.