Oscar winning director Jane Campion has acquired the rights to Canadian writer Alice Munro's 2004 short story Runaway.

The story will be the basis for her next film after she wraps current project Bright Star. Campion plans to do the film through 2 B Films, the company she formed with Christopher Gill, with whom she worked on The Water Diary, her segment of the multi- director film Eight/Huit.

Speaking to Screen at the Rome Film Festival where she is promoting Eight/Huit, Campion explained how she would like to make the film,

'We feel we can make things with quite alow budget and keep our values and make it work financially and commercially but at a different level than I think studios are trying to.

'We have to work out what sort of audience this film will have and then budget will be come from that. What I want to do is sustainable filmmaking, where if the film is outrageously successful you share the profits with your actors. If it is mildly successful everybody gets paid. But I think this kind of filmmaking is only possible if you can keep the costs reasonable.'

The director told Screen that Pathe, with whom she has worked on her current project Bright Star, would also be involved.

The film has not yet been cast but Campion does have plans to shoot the film in Australia as her daughter is there.

'The story is set in Canada and I spoke to Alice and she said it would be OK to shoot as if America,' she explained.

Runaway is about a woman trapped in an unhappy marriage and is the title story of a compilation of Munro's short stories. It is the psychological and relationship oriented territory that Campion favours.

'We are just committed to doing a certain type of film that we love and that tends to be content oriented and about relationships and I guess you can call it alternative cinema.' she said.

Commenting to Screen on Munro's writing, Campion added, 'In one way you feel quite freaky when you read her stories because she so exposes a lot of dysfunctional female thinking. You feel really seen in a way that is not always flattering,' she says of the work.

Campion also explained her plans for developing the screenplay.

'I am adapting it in a really different way, the story is beautiful and I love it and I am going to get three actors to work with me. It's three fantastic parts and I want to discover the adaptation more or less in a workshop with the actors.' she said.