Love Actually opened the strongest of the four new entries on the nine-major-cities chart, with a screen average of $56,684 on 17 screens. Also drawing audiences was Red Moon, a drama set in Manchuria at the end of World War II. TV drama diva Takako Tokiwa stars as a Scarlett O'Hara-like woman trying to survive and rebuild her life in the aftermath of Japan's defeat. Trailing far behind was Out Of This World, Junji Sakamoto's drama about Japanese jazzmen playing for American soldiers at a US base in the early postwar period.

Meanwhile, The Last Samurai continues its dominance of the chart in the tenth week of its run, dropping only 1.2% from the previous week, to $1,631,128. Its reign ended on February 14, however, when Return Of The King opened on 740 screens nationwide. The film grossed Y1.55 billion ($14.7 million), 40% better than The Two Towers and a new record for the trilogy in Japan.