With Spring Break in full swing in Japan, distributors have been busy rolling out films aimed at teens and kids.

The two new openers most successful in attracting this demographic are both Japanese. Quill, a drama about cuddly seeing-eye dog, debuted on the chart at number two, with a sky-high screen average of $58,070.

Grabbing third place, with an average of $43,030, was The Hotel Venus, an ensemble piece about guests at a funky hotel somewhere in a "borderless" city (actually Vladivostok) where all the residents speak Korean. This quirky concept has appealed strongly to the young female audience, many of whom are fans of star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, a member of the enduringly popular boy band SMAP.

Appearing at the bottom of the chart is Hana & Alice, a teen drama by Shunji Iwai, whose previous film, All About Lily Chou Chou, become an arthouse hit in Japan in 2002 and later screened extensively abroad.