According to figures released by the Japan Video Association, DVD video sales in Japan more than doubled in 2000, to $900.7m (Y104,488m) on 30,261,000 units, accounting for 37.9% of all video software sales.

Meanwhile, sales of video cassettes fell 22.5% to $1,369.9m (Y158,797m) on 33,752,000 units, for a 57.6% share. The number of new DVD video titles also soared, to 4,889, for a 219.3% year-on gain, while the number of video cassette releases held steady at 5,929.

In the January-December period, sales of all video software, including laser discs, DVD-ROMs and CD related software, grew 11.7% to $2,374.8m (Y275,480m) on 72,562,000 units.

In the month of December, DVD videos surpassed video cassettes in sales. DVDs recorded $135.4m (Y15,706m) for a 54.2% share and a 182.5% gain for the same period the previous year, while video cassettes rang up sales of $106.6m (Y12,370m) for a 42.7% share and a month-on loss of 30.9%. Meanwhile total sales of video software increased 16.1%, to $249.6m (Y28,954m).

The JVA figures were based on a survey of 40 member companies, with four not responding.