Movie-Eye Entertainment, the new Japanese production, distribution and management company, has acquired its first international film here, Crash starring Heath Ledger and Brendan Fraser, from Arclight Films.

The company, run by former Gaga Communications executives Kaz Tadashiki and Taku Ushiyama, was formed this summer with shareholders including the two principals and Imagica, Amusement Media Academy and Kyowa Corrugated Cardboard.

Movie-Eye compared the Crash script to other hard-hitting ensembles like 21 Grams and Traffic. Produced by Bull's Eye Entertainment and financed by Stratus Film Company, the movie co-stars Eva Mendes, Don Cheadle, Forest Whitaker, Thandie Newton and music star Ludacris.

Set in Los Angeles, it begins with the discovery of a body and tracks the previous 24 hours in the lives of eight people connected with the murder. Blockbuster/DEJ has US video and TV rights to the film and will finance theatrical P&A costs.

The Movie-Eye deal was closed between Tadashiki and Arclight's managing director Gary Hamilton.