Japan's Style Jam haspicked up international sales and remake rights to comedy drama, Seven DaysOf Assistant Manager Tsubakiyama,which is scheduled for a wide release in Japan on Nov 18.

Produced by Be Wild,the film is about a fat, bald middle manager who passes away, but gets thechance to return to earth to finish the jobs he left undone - in the bodyof a beautiful woman.

Keita Kono, whosecredits include Helen The Baby Fox,directed the film which stars Misaki Ito (Train Man) and Toshiyuki Nishida (Suite Dreams). Shochiku is distributing in Japan.

"With the right actors, webelieve this film has huge English-language remake potential - due to itsstrong concept and universal themes," said Style Jam's Yuko Shiomaki. Thecompany is hoping to work with US partners on the project.

Style Jam has also pickedup remake rights to Yochi Sai's 2002 prison comedy Doing Time, which is based on popular Japanese manga and hadwide festival play around the time of its release in 2002.

It also recently soldremake rights to Izuru Narushima's cop movie The Hunter And The Hunted to Korea's Leopard Entertainment.

The company, launched byformer Artist Film president Kai Naoki, is also producing Sad Vacation, directed by Shinji Aoyama (Eureka) and starring Asano Tadanobu and Joe Odagiri, whichhas been shooting since the end of October.