Toho, Japan's leading distributor, has reported $415m (Y54.8 billion) in total box office for 2001 - a 25% gain over the previous year and a company record. Toho had originally projected a $227m (Y30 billion) take for the year

The biggest earner was Spirited Away, the Hayao Miyazaki animation that recorded 20,920,000 admissions and grossed $215m (Y28.36 billion) from its July 20 opening to the end of December. The film, which broke Titanic's all-time box office record for the Japanese market, is still in the box office top ten in its 27th week on release.

Among other Toho films passing the Y3.0 billion ($22.7m) mark - the benchmark for major hit status in Japan - were the latest entries in the Doraemon and Pokemon animated series and Onmyoji, a CGI-laden period drama. Calmi Cuori Appassionati, an international love story set in Italy and Japan, grossed $20.5m (Y2.7 billion), to round out the top five

Toho's top five for 2001:

1. Spirited Away/Y28.36 billion ($215m)
2. Pocket Monsters Celebi A Timeless Encounter/Y3.6 billion ($27m)
3. Onmyoji/Y3.01 billion (22.8m)
4. Doraemon: Nobita And the Winged Warriors/Y3.0 billion ($22.7m)
5. Calmi Cuori Appassionati/Y2.7 billion ($20.5m)
(exchange rate: 1$ = Y132)