Jason Isaacs, the English actor whose credits include key roles in The Patriot, The End Of The Affair and Armageddon, has taken the lead role in independent drama Passionada, currently shooting in Massachussetts.

Directed by Dan Ireland (The Whole Wide World), Passionada is a romantic comedy about a Portugese widow whose teenage daughter convinces her to date a new Englishman in town. The widow falls for the newcomer who pretends to be in the fishing business, but is in reality a professional gambler.

Sofia Milos co-stars as the widow with a supporting cast including Emmy Rossum (Songcatcher) as the daughter, Theresa Russell, Seymour Cassell and Lupe Ontiveros. Producer is David Bakalar, Jim Jermanok is executive producer with Paul F Bernard and James Scura as co-executive producers. The script is by Jermanok and his brother Steve Jermanok.

Isaacs has recently completed roles in Steven Norrington's The Last Minute, Mike Figgis' Hotel, John Woo's Windtalkers and Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down.