Spanish horror specialist Jaume Balaguero, fresh from the Venice screening of his newest film To Let, is preparing his next feature, The Certain Lady, for producer Filmax.

The film is based on thenovel La Dama Numero Trece by Jose CarlosSomoza about a poetry lover haunted by a nightmare of a parallel world wherethirteen muses control humankind's destiny.

Balaguero has described the novel in interviews as "trulycomplex but with a patient, terrifying and very interesting story" where poetryand fantasy mix with reality. "It is not really a horror novel, but moresupernatural."

The film is being plannedfor a late 2006 or early 2007 shoot in Catalunya. Itis likely to shoot in English with an international cast.

Filmax CEO Julio Fernandez says he will unveil details ofthe project at the upcoming American Film Market, where the company also plansto present Brad Anderson's next film, train-set thriller TransSiberian, currently beingcast in Los Angeles.

Balaguero made waves in 1999 with his debut feature The Nameless (Los Sin Nombre)and has since directed Lena Olin and Anna Paquin inDarkness and CalistaFlockhart in Fragile.

His made-for-TV To Let (Para EntrarA Vivir) screened out-of-competition in theMidnight section in Venice.