Mukhammad Bakkri's controversial documentary Jenin Jenin, about the Israeli military incursion into the Jenin refugee camp, has once again been banned in Israel.

The Supreme Court had ruled on Nov.11 against a decision by the Censorship Board to outlaw the film and cleared it for screenings - but it has now temporarily reinstated the ban.

The ruling on the film was appealed at the time by the Censors as well as by the families of the Israeli soldiers killed in the course of the raid.

When The Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Cinematheques programmed the controversial documentary for screenings this week, the appellants demanded and obtained a decision that no further exhibition of the material should be allowed before the Supreme Court pronounces its final verdict.

Bakkri, who has said in the past that all the media exposure generated by the legal case only promotes the film's cause, will have to wait now until the Supreme Court convenes to make a final verdict.