Summit Entertainment has acquired international rights to five year-old Jet Li-starrer Red Dragon which features the spectacular flying techniques used in current smash Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Newmarket Capital Group-associated distributor Silver Nitrate Releasing will release the film domestically; it has never been available to international buyers. The project was one of three pictures starring Jet Li at AFM.

Good Machine International has The Contract Killer directed by Tung Wai which is in post-production, while Luc Besson and Pierre-Ange Progam's Europa Corp has a picture called Kiss Of The Dragon directed by Chris Nahon, co-starring Bridget Fonda and Tchecky Karyo and distributed by 20th Century Fox domestically. In Red Dragon, which is written and directed by Wong Ching, Jet Li plays a warrior avenging the murder of his wife and his entire village by an evil overlord and his death squad along with his infant son, the only other survivor of the massacre. Silver Nitrate, which is run by Ash Shah, has recently released It's The Rage starring Joan Allen and Gary Sinise.