Chinese director JiaZhangke's Still Life (Sanxia Haoren) has been added to thecompetition section of this year's Venice International Film Festival, whichwraps on Saturday.

Shot in the village of Fengjie on the Yangtze River, the film is set in the very near future when thevillage has been submerged by the Three Gorges Dam and a new district, set tospring up in the surrounding area, is still under construction.

Jia has previously had twofilms screen in Venice competition - Platform(2000) and The World (2004) - andalso has a documentary about the impact of the Three Gorges Dam, Dong, screening in this year's Horizonssection.

Still Lifescreens tonight (Sep 5) for industry, press and daily pass holders and tomorrow(Sep 6) at 4.15pm for the publicby invitation and all pass holders.