Red Planet Pictures has selected Joanna Leigh as the winner of its first Red Planet Prize for screenwriting.

Leigh, a lexicographer from North Wales, won the new writing talent competition judged by the likes of Stephen Fry and Mark Gatiss. She beat 2,000 other entrants.

Her winning script literary is about Dr Samuel Johnson writing and eventually printing his dictionary masterpiece.

Red Planet Pictures was set up by famed EastEnders writer Tony Jordan, who will now work with Leigh as a mentor.

Jordan said: 'Joanna's script had everything the competition was trying to find; a unique voice, great characters and a remarkable story well told.'

Leigh previously wrote for the web-based drama Planet Jemma.

Leigh, commented, 'Dr Johnson struggled as a hack writer for 18 years, overlooked and constantly in debt. I chose him as the subject for my script, because his struggle felt very familiar. Despite years of rejection letters and excruciating networking events, I have persevered at honing my craft I am thrilled to get a commission from Red Planet Pictures, I will learn so much, and can't wait to get started on the next stage of my career.''