Park Entertainment has taken on The Purifiers, a martial arts genre flick that is the second film by hot director Richard Jobson.

The Scottish critic-turned-novelist and, most recently, film-maker Richard Jobson was the toast of London on Tuesday night (Nov 4) when his debut feature 16 Years Of Alcohol was feted as the UK's best first film at the British Independent Film Awards.

Like Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, Jobson's The Purifiers tips its hat to other genre films including The Warriors and The Wanderers and contains spectacular fight and action scenes not normally seen in a European setting. It stars Dominic Monaghan and Kevin McKidd, who hit the big time with Trainspotting and starred (as Jobson) in the autobiographical 16 Years.

The cine-literate Jobson is keen not to get stuck in a rut and is now looking to make a low-budget horror project. At the BIFAs he was in the happy position of being able to turn down the forceful advances of numerous Hollywood specialist labels as he feels the budget is too low - at $1.5m (£800,000) - to be worth their while.