John Bailey received the Kodak Mentorship Award over the weekend in recognition of his dedication to educate the next generation of filmmakers.

Kodak account manager Lorette Bayle presented the award during an honoree luncheon for the International Cinematographers Guild on Sept 23.

Bailey’s career began in 1978 and his 70-plus cinematography credits including Groundhog Day, American Gigolo and As Good As It Gets.

“Our group gave workshops and seminars in regions that have a very embryonic film culture,” Bailey said of his recent trip to East Africa with the Academy international outreach programme.

“The challenge and opportunity to talk to young people who have compelling personal and deeply emotional stories to tell, but who have the barest of technical equipment, was especially stimulating and rewarding.”

As an active member of the ASC Board, Bailey continues to mentor next generation filmmakers and participates in cinematography workshops, panels and seminars.