Although Spain has long considered Latin America a key secondary market, Latin American films do not generally do major business in Spain. Two recent Argentine films, both handled locally by Alta Films, have changed that: The Son Of The Bride (El Hijo De La Novia) and Nine Queens (Nueve Reinas), both starring Ricardo Darin.

Still on screens after 16 weeks, Queens has grossed more than $1.23m (Ptas230m) in Spain, while Bride has been seen by more than 150,000 Spaniards in less than three weeks. After its third weekend, Bride - which is Argentina's nomination for the foreign-language Oscar and is handled internationally by Los Angeles-based Menemsha Films - had grossed a cumulative $679,000 (Ptas127m) on just 53 prints.

The film's performance is even more noteworthy considering that it beat odds and increased admissions for two consecutive weeks against Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, released in Spain on November 30 on a record 375 screens.