Jackie and Lucy (JUCY) are best-friends-forever and have little room for anything else, including growing up. Their cute, witty womance takes you on a roller coaster ride through the highs and lows of putting all your friendship eggs in one basket.

Production companies: KCDC, Bunker Productions International

Budget: n/a

Backers: Pacific Film and Television Commission, Bunker Productions, KCDC

Producer: Kelly Chapman

Executive producers: Chris Adams, Steve Kearney

Intl sales: tba

Local distrib: tba

Director: Louise Alston

Screenplay: Stephen Vagg

DoP: Jan Reichle

Production design: Nick McCallum

Art director: David Pawsey

Cast: Cindy Nelson, Francesca Gasteen, Damien Freeleagus, Ryan Johnson, Nelle Lee, Andrew Ryan

Locations: Brisbane, Ephraim Island, Queensland, Australia

Shooting: from January 5 to 23, 2009

Contact: Steve Kearney, steve@adamskearney.com, +61 414719299 +1310 558 1122

Status: Post-production