Juliette Lewis is set to star in Desire And Search, a quirky thriller being handled by Norwegian sales and finance outfit BV International.

The $9m budget UK-Canadian picture is the story of an avenging angel who taps into people's secret desires and blackmails them in order to keep quiet. It is set for a March 2002 shoot under the direction of Simon Marshall, whose previously shot Out Of Depth.

Production is by the UK's Steon Films and Canada's Finance Art. Steon co-chief Stephen Cranny said; "We are finalising pay-or play terms with Juliette Lewis and are seeking a male lead of similar standing."

BV International's Bjorg Veland said: "the response we have already had from buyers makes me more optimistic about this project than any commercial picture we've handled for years." Veland is in the enviable position having $8m of finance already in place and will either pre-sell or herself put up for the outstanding $1m."