Spanish auteur Julio Medem is preparing to shoot his next film, Caotica Ana, in 2006 with backing from local powerhouse Sogecine.

The film turns on a young woman fleeing her own fate after a hypnosis session allows her to glimpse parallel experiences she believes are past lives.

Caotica Ana (literally, Chaotic Ana) is a co-production with Medem's own Alicia Produce and is expected to shoot between Madrid, Ibiza, New York and the Canary Islands.

Tenerife-based Volcano International Productions looks set to co-produce, bringing $235,000 (Euros 200,000) in funding from the Canary Islands regional government's Subsidy Program for Audiovisual Creation.

Ana could well follow in the vein of Medem's last fiction film, the internationally well-received Sex And Lucia (Lucia Y El Sexo).

His most recent feature, Basque Ball: Skin Against Stone (La Pelota Vasca: La Piel Contra La Pelota), a documentary about politics and terrorism in the Basque Country, sparked serious controversy in Spain following its premiere in the Donostia-San Sebastian International Film Festival.