The sci-fi adventure Jumper maintained its number one status overseas thanks to a $21.9m estimated gross through Fox International from 4,040 screens in 40 markets that raised the tally to $61.2m.

The film opened top in France on an excellent $5.1m from 586, second in Thailand on $1.3m from 170 and top in New Zealand on $517,952 from 70 in what was the industry's biggest February launch.

There were other number one debuts in Sweden on $516,147 from 82 and Belgium on a mighty $507,560 from 75. The film opened in second place in Denmark on $385,377 from 61.

Much of Jumper's weekend business came from strong holds. In the second weekend the film held on to the top spot in the UK, Spain and Australia and took $2.9m from 420 for $11.6m, $2.4m from 450 for $6.7m, $1.5m from 273 for $5.6m, respectively.

In the second weekend Jumper added $1.8m from 331 in South Korea for $8.2m and $1.1m from 422 in Russia for just over $6m.

27 Dresses added $3.7m from 1,407 screens in 27 for $28.5m, Alvin And The Chipmunks added $1.7m from 1,489 in 23 for $129.2m and Juno raised its tally by $5m from 1,044 in 16 for $35.8m.

Juno, which took home the best original screenplay Oscar on Sunday night, added $2.1m from 372 in its third weekend in the UK for second place on $13.5m and $1m from 184 in the third in France for $4.5m. Spain stands at $4.5m after four and Australia has produced $8.7m after six.

Sweeney Todd, which won this year's Oscar for art direction, grossed $8.8m through Warner Bros Pictures International from more than 2,700 prints as the cumulative total climbed to $81.5m.

The big news was Italy, where the film launched on $2.6m from 330 prints in what was expected to be the number one position. Sweeney Todd opened in Germany on $1.4m from 320 and added $1.1m from 275 in the second weekend in Spain for $3.3m.

The Bucket List added $5.8m from more than 2,000 prints for $34.5m. Weekend business was buoyed by a number one launch in Australia that generated $1.6m from 255 prints and a number two $764,000 debut in Brazil from 113.

The drama has produced $2.7m after two weekends in the UK, $2.7m in Italy, $4.6m after four in Spain, $5.1m after five in Mexico and $7.2m after five in Germany.

The adventure romance Fool's Gold grossed $1.3m from 655 prints in seven markets for $5.7m. The highlight was a $513,000 Mexican debut from 300 prints.

I Am Legend added $1.1m from more than 1,430 prints in 43 markets to reach $325.2m. The sci-fi horror has grossed $50.7m in the UK, $38.4m in Japan and $27.5m in both France and Germany.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's National Treasure 2 added $8.3m from 3,060 screens in 39 territories to reach $213.8m.

Highlights were $4.4m from 623 sites in the second weekend in France for $12.2m, $1.8m from 483 in the third in the UK for $14.6m and $620,0000 in the fifth weekend in Germany for $16.1m.

Disney's German co-production Wild Bunch 5 continued the comedy franchise's winning ways in German-speaking Europe as it opened top in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on a combined $4.1m tally.

The best result came from Germany, where $3.5m proved better than the first and second instalments.

There Will Be Blood, which won Oscars for lead actor Daniel Day-Lewis as well for cinematography on Sunday, added $3.9m from 730 sites in 35 territories to raise its running total to $10.1m.

Latest figures put the drama on $3.4m in the UK after three, $1.2m in Italy after two and $1.1m in Spain after the same amount of time.

It opened in Greece on $297,000 from 22 sites, Denmark on $155,000 from only 10 and $131,000 in Argentina from 35.

Best Picture winner No Country For Old Men added $4.8m through PPI from 1,558 sites in 35 territories and now stands at $37m. The crime drama, which also won Oscars for its writer-directors Joel and Ethan Coen and supporting actor Javier Bardem launched in nine territories including Italy, where it took $1.6m from 252 screens, and South Korea, where it grossed $89,000 from 11 venues. Spain generated a further $1.1m from 288 sites for $6.2m.

Elsewhere in the PPI realm, Cloverfield grossed $3.5m from 2,199 sites in 54 territories for $74.5m, The Kite Runner grossed $1.4m from 540 venues in 23 for $24.1m, The Eye launched in Spain in second place on $650,000 and The Spiderwick Chronicles added $761,000 from 169 locations in South Korea and the Philippines for $2.6m.

Universal's drama Charlie Wilson's War reaped a further $3.6m through UPI from 1,630 sites in 37 territories and climbed to $37m. The film launched in second place in Spain on $1.7m from 254 and after three weekends stands at $3.4m in Germany and $2.9m in Italy.

Atonement, which took home the Oscar for original score, added $2.7m from 1,540 in 45 for $70.2m and as of Sunday was the top grossing best picture Oscar nominee of this awards season. The period drama launched in South Korea on $750,000 from 120 and also opened in China, where results were unavailable at time of writing.

The romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe added $1.5m from 492 sites in Australia, the UK and Ukraine for an early $8m international running total. It ranks fourth after two in Australia on $2.5m and 11th after three in the UK on $5m.

American Gangster added $1.3m from 965 sites in 30 for $131.2m, We Own The Night has collected $4.2m from seven UPI territories and opened in Germany on $500,000 from 145 venues. Elizabeth: The Golden Age stands at $52.6m and ventured into its second weekend in Japan where it ranked third on $600,000 from 300 locations for $3.1m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's thriller Vantage Point opened day-and-date with North America in Mexico and five smaller markets, grossing $1.8m from 525 screens. The film launched in first place in Mexico on $900,000 from 301 screens.

The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep added just over $4m from 2,010 screens in 35 markets for $31.2m. Rambo grossed $3.4m from 530 screens in the SPRI markets of the UK and Australia. The action title opened in second place in the UK on $2.3m from 362 screens and launched in third place in Australia on $1.1m from 168.