Independent producer Matthew Justice is to become full-time head of Invicta Filmworks, the co-production offshoot of UK finance firm Invicta Capital.

Justice, whose producing credits include The Last Minute, Blade and Death Machine, has been consulting for Invicta since October last year.

"Aside from my work on co-productions through Invicta Filmworks there will be an emphasis on developing the business beyond sale and leaseback. And that I find very exciting," said Justice.

Justice will continue his producer attachments to the handful of projectshe was developing prior to accepting the full time position, however he will not be attaching himself to any new projects

Set up in June 2001 by Mo Yusef and Niall Bamford, Invicta has become one of the leading sale and leaseback providers, having secured and closed over $360m (£250m) of sale and leaseback financing.

"The impending changes in sale and leaseback legislation represent a challenge to Invicta, but I feel that we can build on our current success and fundamentally grow the business in the coming years," said Yusef.