After four years as one of the development team at Working Title, Justin Trefgarne took the bold step of going freelance in 2006. And it was a gamble that has paid off so far. He has made two shorts - the smart, ambitious self-funded science-fiction thriller Life XP and the unnerving horror Unborn, backed by the UKFC and produced by Trinamite Productions, which has just premiered at Edinburgh - and written the original screenplay Night Shift for the UKFC, which develops the themes of the futuristic hospital thriller he explored in Life XP. He has also been taken on by Material Entertainment to rewrite The Property, a psychological thriller about a couple desperate to buy a house, which Justin Chadwick will direct. If Working Title has given him anything more than useful contacts, it is a thorough understanding of film as a commercial and creative enterprise. That and a can-do attitude. 'I could sit around and wait for something to happen but I want to make films, not just talk about them,' he says.

Contact: United Agents, (44) 20 7166 5266