UK- and Germany-based sales company K5 International has acquired Matthew Kohnen's Wasting Away for worldwide sales.

The US 'zomcom' feature, uniquely presented from the zombies' perspective, has picked up awards at ScreamFest, New Beijing, Festivus and Zompire.

K5 spotted Wasting Away at Sci-Fi London and K5's Bill Stephens, Daniel Baur and Oliver Simon negotiated the deal with producer/co-writer Sean Kohnen at Morpheus Media.

K5 plans to screen the film at AFM in November.

K5 said in a statement: 'This is a completely original take on this genre. It's an hilarious story of zombies who, through their own eyes, see themselves as perfectly normal. We love it and believe the buyers will too.'

Kohnen added: 'Filmmaking is all about perspective, and when we realized the Zombie Perspective had never been done like this, we knew we had something special. And the more audiences respond, the more we feel like we have hit upon an instant Classic in a genre that needed an infusion of fresh blood. Or as the Zombies would say, fresh brains...'

K5's slate also includes The Disposables, The Visitor, Ping Pong Playa, Wonderful World and Get Low.