Japan's leading media group, Kadokawa Holdings, is to open its newheadquarters in China in August.

Hong Kong-based Kadokawa Holdings China will sell the group's mediacontents and handle rights deals across the whole of China.

The operation is backed by a $1.29m (Y140m) capital investment fromKadokawa Holdings.

The group owns Japanese original Ring series as well as more than 1,600 titlesproduced under the Daiei label, including the Zatoichi and Daimajin series.

Kadokawa Holdings includes film production and distribution arms KadokawaPictures, Asmik Ace Entertainment and Nippon Herald.

The group also ownsKadokawa Shoten Publishing, which has over 100 film titles, includingYoshimitsu Morita's Paradise Lost, a 1997 hit about an adulterousaffair.