London-based Kaleidoscope Entertainment has struck a deal with Berlin-based Instinctive Film for the UK distributor to release a slate of genre projects to be produced by Instinctive out of a new studio set up in Eastern Europe.

The agreement will provide Kaleidoscope with first look access to Instinctive’s upcoming productions in return for additional production finance and minimum screen guarantees for each project.

Kaleidoscope’s CEO Spencer Pollard said: “Instinctive Film is growing rapidly and we are very keen to get onboard early. By having access to films at a script and financing stage, we will be able to focus on key acquisitions and get involved in the longer term value of a film, both in the UK and internationally.”

Kaleidoscope is currently distributing documentary The End for Instinctive Film.

“It’s enormously beneficial to know that prior to committing to a production, particularly ones which are more story focused as opposed to cast heavy, that a ‘real’ release will be provided for the picture and we don’t run the risk of taking a distribution deal which might not do the picture justice,” says Instinctive Film’s CEO Darryn Welch.