Spanishproducer KanZaman has entered a new phase of growth with the announcement ofits participation in the estimated $80m Sharon Stone-starrer Risk Addiction:Basic Instinct 2.

KanZaman co-founders Denise O'Dell and Mark Albela willtake executive producer credits on the film, to which they have a licence onall rights in Spain for an unspecified period. Antena 3 has already picked upfree-to-air rights from them.

The hotsequel from Mario Kassar and Andy Vajna's C2 Pictures and Intermedia started shooting inLondon on April 18 under director Michael Caton-Jones with co-stars DavidMorrissey, Charlotte Rampling and David Thewlis.

Presentedat Cannes, the movie is expected to be ready for release in May 2006.

"Weare looking for higher-budget, commercial European films to get involvedin," said O'Dell. "We also strategised in Cannes to get involved inmore American productions," to be unveiled soon.

Meanwhilethe company is putting ambitious in-house development plans into action. It hasrestructured its sister company in Monaco to get more involved in intellectualproperty rights, acquiring scripts and books to develop.

It is also close to announcing a new joint developmentand production venture with a Catalunya-based start-up in order to tap intoattractive incentives from the Catalan government.

"Thereis a lot of energy in Catalunya right now," O'Dell says, adding that thecompany plans to nationally premiere its newest co-production, the Helen Huntand Scarlett Johansson-starring A Good Woman, in Barcelona on June 8.

KanZamanalso co-produced recent box office hits Sahara and Kingdom Of Heaven andis now set to produce with Saul Zaentz on Milos Forman's in-the-works Goyabiopic Goya's Ghosts starring Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman.