Belgrade-based director Srdjan Karanovic's new picture Loving Glances, which gets underway next month, is the latest addition to the burgeoning slate of Film & Media Entertainment (F&ME).

The romantic comedy, set among the former Yugoslavia's displaced communities, is Karanovic's first since Virdjina - A Kind Of Woman ten years ago.

'After a whole and very necessary series of very worthy and occasionally po-faced international co-productions from the region we wanted to do something that really reflected the heart and soul of the people,' said F&ME managing director Mike Downey.

The London-based company which is becoming the most active part of German Neuer Markt-quoted outfit F.A.M.E., has a total of four pictures at Cannes. Others include Jamie Bell-vehicle Death Watch, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's Venice-tipped Falcons, Christos Georgiu's Under The Stars and pre-Cannes pick-up Josephine, which, after a legal dispute, is to be handled by Beyond Films.