World premieres at this week's Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and Locarno's forthcoming Piazza Grande open-air programme are among 23 films being presented at the German Films Previews in Cologne from July 10-13.

Tom Schreiber's Dr Aleman, which has been invited to Karlovy Vary's international competition, will have its market premiere screening in Cologne for sales company Telepool which also has slots for The Wild Soccer Bunch 5 and the current box-office hit Summer.

Meanwhile, Beta Cinema is using the Previews as the launchpad for Hannes Stoehr's tragicomedy Berlin Calling, set in the world of undersground techno, and Philip Stoelzl's love triangle drama North Face (Nordwand), starring Benno Fuermann, Johanna Wokalek, and Florian Lukas. Both films will have their world premieres on Locarno's Piazza Grande, North Face scheduled for the evening of Saturday, August 9.

In addition, the Previews - which are being held in Cologne now for the second year - are featuring market premieres of films which were presented for the first time at last week's Munich Filmfest such as Neele Leana Vollmar's Peaceful Times (world sales: Bavaria Film International) and Marie-Jaoul Poncheville nomadic love story Tengri - Blue Heaven (Atrix Films), and Marie Noelle and Peter Sehr's The Anarchist's Wife (Bavaria Film International) which received the Bernhard Wicki Film Prize after a special screening.

The Previews programme will be complemented by a series of promo reels and trailers from Action Concept (Dekker The Trucker, Fast Track) Crash Kids), Bavaria Film International (Robert Zimmermann Tangled Up In Love, Kaifeck Murder, In Any Second), Sola Media (The Turtle's Song, Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms), Progress Film-Verleih (The Mystery Of Morphus), and Media Luna (9to5 - Days In Porn, Family Rules!).

78 guests from 24 countries are expected to attend the Cologne event this year to see the latest crop of German productions. For the first time, there will be buyers from North and South America as well Asia, including representatives from US companies ThinkFilm, Strand Releasing, and First Run Features, Canada's Mongrel Media, Argentina's Telexcel, Columbia's Cineplex, China's DeQuan Film, Taiwan's Swallow Wings Film, and Korea's Sejong Communications

Other Previews stalwarts also attending include Italy's Istituto Luce, Poland's Kino Swiat, Norway's Fidalgo, Hungary's Best Hollywood, the UK's Soda Pictures and ICA Films, among others.