Sean Connery will visit the Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary for its 37th annual film festival this year (July 4-13), where he will receive an award for outstanding contribution to world cinema. Connery will be in the Czech Republic for the upcoming shoot of Fox's League Of Extraordinary Gentleman starting in July.

The festival also announced Wednesday the full list of 18 films in the main competition this year. Year of the Devil from the Czech Republic, directed by Petr Zelenka (Buttoners), will open the event.

Joining the list are, amongst others, Mexico's Bedtime Fairy Tales For Crocodiles, directed by Ignacio Ortiz Cruz; the Czech Republic's Brats, directed by Zdeněk Tyc; France's Euro Pudding, directed by Cedric Klapisch; Japan's Filament directed by Jinsei Tsuji; Canada's Khaled, directed by Asghar Massombagi; Germany's Nowhere In Africa directed by Caroline Link; Spain's Smoking Room, directed by Julio Wallovits and Roger Gual; Italy's The Italian directed by Ennio De Dominicis; Iceland's The Seagull's Laughter, directed by Ágúst Gudmundsson; and Russia's The Star, directed by Nikolai Lebedyev.

French actor and Dogme director Jean-Marc Barr, who visited last year's festival with his Too Much Flesh, was named chairman of the main jury, while Spanish actress Assumpta Serna (Matador, Lola, The Shooter, The Craft) joins six previously announced members of the jury.

Other festival guests will include Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, presenting Bend it Like Beckham, Stellan Skarsgard, presenting Taking Sides, and Nicholas Hoult and Chris and Paul Weitz, presenting About a Boy, the festival's closing film.

Official Selection - Competition

Bedtime Fairy Tales For Crocodiles (Cuento De Hadas Para Dormir Cocodrilos)
Ignacio Ortiz Cruz, Mexico 2002

Brats (Smradi)
Zdeněk Tyc, Czech Republic 2002

Euro Pudding (L' Auberge Espagnole)
Cedric Klapisch, France 2002

Jinsei Tsuji, Japan 2001

Neal Slavin, USA 2001

Lukas Stepanik, Robert Schindel, Austria, Poland, Germany, USA 2002

Iranian Spread (Sofreh Irani)
Kianoosh Ayyari, Iran 2002

Asghar Massombagi, Canada 2001

Leaving by the Way (Pa Celam Aizejot)
Viesturs Kairiss, Latvia 2001

Let's Not Cry (Gwenchana Uljima)
Min Boung-hun, Korea 2001

Light Falls On Your Face (Feny Hull Az Arcodra)
Gyula Gulyás, Hungary, Romania 2001

Nowhere In Africa (Nirgendwo In Afrika)
Caroline Link, Germany 2001

Silence (Cisza)
Michal Rosa, Poland 2001

Smoking Room
Julio Wallovits, Roger Gual, Spain 2002

The Italian (L' Italiano)
Ennio De Dominicis, Italy 2002

The Seagull's Laughter (Mávahlátur)
Ágúst Gudmundsson, Iceland 2001

The Star (Zvezda)
Nikolai Lebedyev, Russia 2002

The Year Of The Devil (Rok ďAbla) (Opening Film)
Petr Zelenka, Czech Republic 2002

Out of Competition
About A Boy (Closing Film)
Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz, United Kingdom/ USA 2002

Documentary Films In Competition
Absolut Warhola
Stanislaw Mucha, Germany 2001

All About My Father (Alt Om Min Far)
Even Benestad, Norway, Denmark 2001

Carles Bosch, Josep M. Domènech, Spain 2002

Bellaria - As Long As We Live (Bellaria - So Lange Wir Leben)
Douglas Wolfsperger, Germany, Austria 2001

Bitch (Suka)
Igor Voloshin, Russia 2001

Daughter From Yan'an (En'An No Musume)
Ikeya Kaoru, Japan 2001

Deserter (Dezertir)
Sergei Bosenko, Russia 2002

Devil's Playground
Lucy Walker, USA 2001

Hunting Down An Angel Or Four Passions Of The Soothsayer Poet (Ochota Na Angela Ili Cetyre Ljubvi Poeta I Poricatela)
Andrei Osipov, Russia 2002

In The Mirror Of Maya Deren
Martina Kudláček, Austria, Germany, Switzerland 2001

Lyoha Dostoevsky - A Descendant Of A Genius (Ljocha Dostoevskij - Potomok Genija)
Alexandr Kyseljev, Russia 2001

Meantime In Grez
Ylva Floreman, Sweden 2002

Missing Allen
Christian Bauer, Germany, USA 2001

Our Cells (Sejtjeink)
Tamás Almási, Hungary 2002

Still Breathing
Charlotte Roseby, Australia 2001

The Girl In The Poster (Dziewczyna Z Plakatu)
Ewa Pieta, Poland 2001

The Power Of Good - Nicholas Winton (Sila Lidskosti - Nicholas Winton)
Matej Mináč, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic 2002,

The Stockholm Syndrome (Stockholmssyndromet)
Carl Johan De Geer, Sweden 2002

The Voice Of Ljudmila (Ljudmilas Röst)
Gunnar Bergdahl, Sweden 2001

Through The Walls Of The Heart (Sur La Pointe Du Coeur)
Anne Levy-Morelle, Belgium 2001

Village B. (Obec B.)
Filip Remunda, Czech Republic 2002

Viva Saint John! (Viva Sao Joao!)
Andrucha Waddington, Brazil 2002

We Live At The Edge (My Livem Na Kraji)
Viktor Asljuk, Belarus 2002