Mathieu Kassovitz's sixth feature directing effort, the English language Babylon Babies, will be produced with Alain Goldman's Legende Entreprises.

Kassovitz's company MNP Entreprises, founded in 2000 to develop and produce his projects as director, will co-produce and also move into new territory via a recently signed deal with Goldman.

Legende Entreprises has taken an undisclosed stake in MNP and signed a first look deal with the company according to its general manager Benoit Jaubert.

Jaubert told that the deal arose out of the longstanding relationship between Kassovitz and Goldman who worked together on 2000 hit Crimson Rivers. Jaubert explained that Kassovitz had been looking for someone "of a big stature" to help produce the film.

In the past year Goldman changed the structure of a deal he had with StudioCanal by taking his Legende Entreprises independent but continuing to own a 20% stake in StudioLegende, a production subsidiary of StudioCanal.

Goldman is currently producing the sequel to Crimson Rivers and another film adaptation of a book by Rivers author Jean-Christophe Grange, The Birdwatcher.

Goldman will bring development funding to MNP and allow the company to "create a new editorial line," says Jaubert. "We will develop Mathieu's projects and also go looking for directors with whom Mathieu wants to work as producer in association with Alain."

The first look deal between Legende and MNP is initially set for three years. Babylon Babies, adapted from the cult novel by Maurice Dantec will likely shoot in summer 2004 in English although no casting has been confirmed.

MNP also has seven other projects in various stages of development including a sci-fi movie and another a film about political intrigue.