ARM Distribution has appointed Katherine Lee as vice president of distribution effective April 2.

ARM is handling sales on films jointly produced by Ruddy Morgan Organization and Applause Pictures' Peter Ho-sun Chan such as crime thriller Protege, directed by Derek Yee and starring Daniel Wu, and Chan's The Warlords, co-produced with China Film and Media Asia and starring Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

In her new role, Lee will report to ARM co-founders Andre Morgan and Peter Chan and ARM president Patricia Cheng.

Lee was formerly senior vice president, distribution, at Hong Kong's Filmko Entertainment from 2001-2006 where she oversaw international distribution of titles such as Ann Hui's July Rhapsody, Daniel Lee's Star Runner, Lo Chi Leung's Inner Senses and Koma and Carol Lai's The Floating Landscape.

Prior to that she worked with Sylvia Chang's production and talent management outfit Red On Red as production co-ordinator.

Since leaving Filmko in 2006, Lee has been working as in independent producer on projects such as pan-Asian horror omnibus Black Night.

ARM was launched by Hong Kong production outfit Applause Pictures and the Ruddy Morgan Organization at the AFM last year. The company works in tandem with US-based The Little Film Company founded by Robbie and Ellen Little.