Jeffrey Katzenberg,co-founder of DreamWorks SKG, has been lined-up to speak at this year'sAnimated Encounters Festival in Bristol (April 21-24).

Katzenberg, who has producedfilms such as Shrek, is delivering the Industry Summit keynote speech onApril 22. He will outline his view onanimation and its future and then open the floor for general questions

Katzenburg's DreamWorks hasa five film deal with Bristol-based animation company Aardman Features.

The Festival will feature amix of international and British films, including 110 shorts from 14 countriesand world and UK premieres.

One notable preview will bea clip of Nick Park's anticipated Wallace and Gromit film, The Curse Of TheWere Rabbit.

There will also be a numberof speeches from industry figures, such as Chris Landreth, winner of 2005Animated Short Oscar for Ryan.

Representatives from TigerAspect, HIT Entertainment, the Cartoon Network, and the UK Film Council willattend the Industry Summit to lead seminars, masterclasses and screenings.