The Kenny Glenaan drama Summer leads the film nominations for this year's BAFTA Scotland awards. Click to see Screen review.

Summer is one of three contenders for Best Film and has also secured nominations for Robert Carlyle's central performance and for Best Director.

Carlyle stars a a middle-aged man facing up to the death of a friend and confronting the bittersweet memories of a long ago summer when he was in love and the world was full of possibilities.

Vertigo are set to release the film in the UK at the beginning of December. The other Best Picture contenders are the period drama Stone Of Destiny and acclaimed B-movie horror yarn Outpost.

Carlyle's competition in the Performance category comes from Brian Cox for The Escapist and Alia Alzougbi for Trouble Sleeping, a low-budget independent production. The awards taken place in Glasgow on November 9 and will be hosted by Edith Bowman.

Selected BAFTA Scotland awards

Writing in Film or Television
Bryan Elsley Skins (Compass Productions for Channel 4)
Greg McHugh Gary's War (The Comedy Unit for Channel 4)
Stephen Moffatt Doctor Who (BBC Cymru Wales for BBC ONE)

Directing in Film or Television
Iain Davidson Gary's War (The Comedy Unit for Channel 4)
Roger Gartland Rebus (SMG Productions for ITV1)
Kenneth Glenaan Summer (Sixteen Films/ Vertigo Films)
Adrian Shergold Fiona's Story (BBC Scotland for BBC ONE)

Bill's Visitors (Directed by Simon Deshon Produced by Innis Moore National Film and TV School)
Tongue Of The Hidden Artist- Jila Peacock (Directed by David Alexander Anderson Anderson Films / Glassworks)
The World According To... (Directed by Jamie Stone & Anders Jedenfors Produced by Laura Clarke 1A Productions for Channel 4)

Short Film
Irene (Directed by Lindsay Goodall Produced by Kat Calton La Belle Allee Productions for Scottish Documentary Institute)
Island (Directed by Matt Palmer Produced by Alastair Clark & Rachel Robey Wellington Films for Film4 / UK Film Council)
Ma Bar (Directed & Produced by Finlay Pretsell & Adrian McDowall Imagine Pictures in association with Scottish Documentary Institute for Dumfries and Galloway Council)

Acting Performance in Film
Alia Alzougbi Trouble Sleeping (Theatre Workshop/ Makar Productions)
Robert Carlyle Summer (Sixteen Films/ Vertigo Films)
Brian Cox The Escapist (Picture Farm/ Parallel Films)

Feature Film
Outpost (Directed by Steve Barker Produced by Kieran Parker & Arabella Page-Croft Black Camel Pictures/ Sony Pictures)
Stone Of Destiny (Directed by Charles Martin Smith Produced by Andrew Boswell & Robert Merilees The Mob Film Company/ Infinity Features)
Summer (Directed by Kenneth Glenaan Produced by Camilla Bray Sixteen Films/ Vertigo Films)