David Kessler, president ofthe French film support body, the CNC, will leave his current post for FranceTelevisions within the next few weeks, it was announced today (Sept 1).

As previously reported (ScreenDaily.com,July 27), Kessler is tipped to be replaced by Catherine Colonna who is thespokesperson for the Elysee Palace - France's equivalent to the White House.

An appointment won't be made untilsometime later this month - a move which will determine Kessler's exactdeparture date.

At France Televisions, the holdingcompany which houses national television networks France 2 and France 3 amongothers, Kessler will work in close contact with company president Marc Tessier.Tessier himself is a former CNC chief, having left the job in 1999 for France Televisions.

Although his functions haveyet to be fully determined, Kessler will likely oversee financial aid given tocultural programming and act as an advisor to Tessier.

Kessler has been CNC chief since 2001 and previously workedwith former prime minister Lionel Jospin