Spanish sales outfit Kevin Williams Associates (KWA) has picked up world rights on three titles from Madrid-based producer Tornasol Films.

Two of the films are screening in the Toronto Film Festival's Contemporary World Cinema sidebar: Nuts For Love (Nueces Para El Amor), an Argentinean co-production from director Alberto Lecchi starring Ariadna Gil and Gaston Pauls; and Friends Have Reasons (Las Razones De Mis Amigos), from director-producer Gerardo Herrero. The two films will also screen in the official section of Spain's Valladolid Film Festival (Oct 20-28): Reasons in competition and Nuts out of competition.

The third pick-up is Mariano Barroso's much-anticipated Kasbah, starring Ernesto Alterio and Jose Sancho. Barroso is about to begin shooting in Mexico on his first English-language film, In The Time Of The Butterflies, starring Salma Hayek and backed by MGM and Showtime.

KWA is an independent sales and production outfit which handles international titles. Other films on the company's current sales slate include US indie flic Chutney Popcorn and Spanish erotic drama Natural Code (Codigo Natural).