South Korean director Kim Ki-duk has started shooting on his 10th film, a low-budget revenge story titled Samaria.

Produced by Kim Ki-duk Films and financed by local distributor Show East, the film tells the story of a man who discovers that his teenage daughter is selling sexual favours to middle-aged men. He then sets out to take revenge on those who have taken advantage of his daughter.

The film appears to be a return to Kim's signature style - which focuses on controversial and often violent depictions of the underside of South Korean society - following his previous work, the Buddhist-themed Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring.

Lee Eol, an actor who appeared previously in Waikiki Brothers and Addicted, will take the role of the father, with debut actress Kwak Ji-min playing the daughter

Kim, who has become well known in Korea for his efficient shooting style, plans to wrap production in only 15 days. The film is budgeted at just over $400,000, and is scheduled for a local release by Show East in February.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring has been Kim's most widely-praised work to date, debuting in competition at the Locarno film festival this summer (where the festival jury controversially denied it an award) and winning the audience award at San Sebastian. The film is Korea's official entry into the 2004 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar category.