Kim Ki-Duk's new film Time will open the Karlovy Vary International FilmFestival. TheKorean director is scheduled to attend the world premiere of the film June 30 at the Czech festival.

The film will see its marketpremiere in Cannes on May 20 and has reportedly already been sold in 15territories. Time focuses on ayoung couple who undergo plastic surgery to reinvigorate their relationship.

Karlovy Vary has screened allof Ki-Duk's films, beginning with a retrospective of his work in 2002. In 2003,The Coast Guard competed in theofficial selection. Ki-Duk has attended the festival twice.

'Among numerousinternational film festivals, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival isdefinitely the festival with the purest and most genuine spirit for filmadmirers,' Ki-Duk said in a statement released by the festival.