Toronto-based specialty distributor KINOSMITH has partnered with the Hot Docs documentary festival on an online DVD releasing deal targeting popular festival titles.

Under the terms of the deal, Hot Docs programmers will consult with KINOSMITH on Canadian distribution opportunities for Hot Docs titles but it will include titles necessarily programmed at the festival.

The scheme launches on July 28 with the release of digital rights polemic RIP: A Remix Manifesto and FLicKeR, the story of the mind-expanding pulsating-light device that inspired pop-culture pioneers from William Burroughs to Iggy Pop. New titles will be released monthly. August sees the release of The Bodybuider And I and The Art Star And The Sudanese Twins. Other titles in the pipeline include Prom Night In Mississippi and Burma VJ.

In a statement, KINOSMITH founder Robin Smith said the partnership was based on “a shared commitment to movies with meaning.”

Hot Docs director of programming Sean Farnel said the arrangement was an exciting extension of the festival’s commitment to expanding the audience for documentaries. The deal comes just as public broadcaster the CBC announced plans to cancel two documentary strands.

Films will be available for purchase through The scheme will be cross-promoted via Hot Docs’ web presence and its electronic mailing list. A portion of the distributor’s revenues from the deal will be directed to the festival’s education programs.