German mini-studio Kinowelt reported a 63% increase in turnover for the first six months of 2000 to $115.5m (DM247.3m) compared to $70.7m (DM151.5m) in the first half of last year.

Interim net profit rose to $9.5m (DM20.3m) compared to $10.3m (DM22.1m) for the whole of 1999.

Kinowelt's home entertainment division achieved the highest turnover increase up 154% to $20.4m (DM43.7m). Licence dealing contributed $42.6m (DM91.3m) to sales, theatrical distribution and exhibition $28.2m (DM60.4m), merchandising $15.4m (DM32.9m) and inflight entertainment $8.9m (DM19m).

Kinowelt CFO Eduard Unzeitig said the results: "confirm that our policy of concentrating on our core business - marketing rights across the entire value-added chain - is the right one."