Germany's Kinowelt has boarded the next film from French director Jacques Rivette, Va Savoir, which is to start shooting this summer.

The film, which is being produced by Pierre Grise Productions' Martine Marignac and co-produced by Italy's Mikado, is currently being cast. The deal was brokered by Roissy Films' Raphael Berdugo, in tandem with regular collaborator Celluloid Dreams' Hengameh Panahi, who handles all Pierre Grise titles.

Kinowelt has also acquired 30 titles from the Roissy Films catalogue including series of films by Eric Rohmer, Wim Wenders, Costa-Gavras and Rivette. Roissy Films controls one of France's strongest classic film library, handling international rights on some 450 titles and French-speaking rights on 250, including Bac Films' catalogue.

In Cannes, Berdugo has also sold Spanish rights to his Wenders titles to Filmax and the Rohmer films to rival Spanish distributor, Manga Films.