TakeshiKitano's Takeshis is tipped to be the "surprise" last-minute entry inthe Venice Film Festival's competition.

Takeshis, whichsees the Japanese director playing himself contronting a look-alike, is alsoset to screen at the Toronto Film Festival.

Kitanolast attended the Venice Film Festival with his 2003 samurai romp Zatoichi.

In themeantime, the Biennale was keeping tight-lipped about the name of the late entry. The only announcementorganizers have made so far is that a "surprise" film is scheduled to screenearly on Friday morning.

But withonly hours to go before the official screening, the Biennale said festivaldirector Marco Mueller had expressly said that he does not want festival-goersto know which film they are going to see right until they sit down in thecinema and the lights go down.

When heannounced the Venice line-up in July, Mueller had suggested that there could bea last-minute competition entry for a film which would only just be completedin time for its Venice screening.

Lastyear's last-minute competition entry, Kim Ki-duk's 3 Iron (Binjip),wenton to win the festival's Grand Jury prize.