Bent Hamer's Kitchen Stories picked up the best film award at this weekend's 19th Norwegian film and TV awards, the Amandas.

Hamer's Cannes title was the clear favourite for the prize, and was up against Jonny Vang (Jens Lien) and Dark Woods (Paal Oie).

Swedish actress Lena Endre's won the best actress prize Unni Straume's Music For Weddings And Funerals. Aksel Hennie (Jonny Vang) won the best actor category.

Amandas were also given to the best children's film (Peder Nordlund's Wolf Summer), best drama made for TV (Lars Berg's Fox Groenland) as well as best short (Torbjoern Skraarild's Alt I Alt) and best documentary (Line Halvorsen's Et Steinkast Unna). The Hours was named best Foreign Film.

This year saw the first winner of the new Nordic Debut Amanda, which went to Christoffer Boe's Danish film Reconstruction.

Veteran producer and sometime animation director John M. Jacobsen was awarded this year's honorary award.