ScreenDaily’s weekly round-up of the local and independent openings in key European markets this week.

The UK

In the UK, Kites will expand on its success last week as Reliance Big Entertainment releases Brett Ratner’s “Remix” of the film. Entertainment goes after the non-SATC crowd with Space Chimps 2, E1 scares up the release of Spanish horror sequel [REC] 2. Optimum launches Sylvain White’s Special Ops story The Losers starring Idris Elba, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans. And Street Dance 3D is expected to have its best week for Vertigo, as the UK has a bank holiday Monday and start of school holidays.



In a light week for releases following the Cannes Film Festival, local comedies are somewhat the order of the day. Amelie Au Pays Des Bodin’s, Eric Le Roch’s ADR Productions release goes out on Wednesday on 68 screens. The film stars Vincent Dubois, Jean-Christian Fraiscinet and Muriel Dubois in a sequel to Mariage Chez Les Bodin’s, a stage play about a very particular family that has had more than 3000 performances in France in the past 15 years.

La Fete Des Voisinsis directed by David Haddad and stars Haddad along with Marie Lorna Vaconsin and Philippe Stellaire. The comedy is released on 62 screens on Wednesday. The Cinegenie release focuses on a group of apartment building dwellers faced with some bad news.

Finally, Ca Commence Par La Fin stars Emmanuelle Beart, Michael Cohen and Leopold Kraus and is directed by Cohen. The romance follows a man and a woman as they spend a passionate summer in Paris, break up and find one another again. ARP Selection is releasing on 10 screens


Bollywood’s biggest director (Karan Johar) and star (Shah Rukh Khan), unite on romantic drama My Name Is Khan, which explores the impact of 9/11 on a Muslim family who moved from Mumbai to the US. Fox will release the film on 47 prints having already made more than $20m on the film in India.

DeaPlaneta will release Steve Pink’s popular juvenile comedy Hot Tub Time Machine, starring John Cusack, on 240 screens this weekend. The has already taken $50m in the US.

Sebastian Cordero’s local thriller Rabia hits 50 screens this weekend through Wanda Films following its positive response at the Malaga Film Festival and Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival. The drama revolves around a Mexican construction worker living in Spain who feels he is being mistreated and so takes drastic action by killing his foreman and hiding out in a big old mansion where his girlfriend works as a maid.

Finally UK musical drama StreetDance 3D arrives in local cinemas through Aurum. Backed by Vertigo Films, the film about a crew of street dancers forced to join with ballet dancers, already took an impressive $3.5m in the UK in its opening weekend last week.