Mother of Minewas awarded last weekend both at the 29th Cairo International FilmFestival and at the Tallinn Black Nights Festival (PÖFF). In Cairo the film won: bestdirection (Klaus Härö), best lead actress (Maria Lundqvist) and the Golden Pyramid, the main prize for bestfilm.

In Tallinnat the 9th Black Night's Festival Mother of Mine won the award for best lead actress - Maria Lundqvist for her role as the Swedish mother, Signe.

Mother of Mineis the officialEntry from Finland for BestForeign Language Film Academy Award and a Golden Globe submission. It has been nominatedto compete among five other films for the International Press Academy (IPA)Satellite Awards in the category of best foreign film. In November Mother of Mine won two awards at theNordic Film Festival in Lübeck.

Mother of Minetells the story of nine-year-old Eero's journey tomeet his new mother in an unknown country, Sweden. The film features TopiMajaniemi, Marjaana Maijala, Maria Lundqvist, Michael Nyqvist, Esko Salminenand Aino-Maija Tikkanen. Thefilm is loosely based on Heikki Hietamies'novel by the same title. Mother of Minehas been produced by Ilkka Matila,MRP Matila RöhrProductions.