Tele Muenchen Group's (TMG) Herbert Kloiber has taken fullcontrol of the German media conglomerate after buying back the 45% shareholdingwhich he sold to EM.TV in 1999.

Kloiber founded the group in 1970 and created a portfolio ofcompanies covering license trading, theatrical and home entertainmentdistribution (Concorde Filmverleih, Concorde Home Entertainment), production(Clasart and Prisma), broadcasting (Tele 5, RTL II and ATV) as well as stakesin Cinemedia and SBS.

EM.TV acquired the stake at the height of the Neuer Marktboom, when the childrens' programming outfit was still cash rich from its1997 IPO and before its near-bankruptcy in 2001.

In an official statement, TMG explained that 'in orderto secure its own continued existence, EM.TV came to an agreement with itsbondholders to sell the TMG shares.'