Project: Killroy
Scrs: Paul Budnitz and Paul Durham, based on an idea by Koen Mortier
Estimated budget: $3.4m (Eu2.5m)
Funds in place: $102,000 (Eu75,000)

Killroy is the story of an apparently normal man ('uninspiring and dreary,' says director Koen Mortier) who has terrible nightmares in which he is a killer.

The moment he is confronted with his nightmares during the day, he panics. Two cops investigating various cases start crossing his path, and the intrigue and revelations begin.

Mortier describes Killroy as a 'love story of the purest kind, but also the worst. It is the fusion of two socially disturbed people who find each other out of the necessity to keep on living.

'Despite the complexity of the subject, I want the characters to have a very ordinary and realistic feeling,' he explains.

Brussels-based Cccp Production is producing the project. Mortier has enjoyed success with his short films, winning three Golden Lions for his TV advertising work before making his feature directorial debut, Ex-Drummer, in 2006.

Based on the novel by Flemish writer Herman Brussel, Ex-Drummer screened in competition at Rotterdam last year.

His first film was the story of three disabled men in a band who recruit a well-known writer as their drummer. Rather than resolve issues, his arrival creates jealousy and personal disputes that jeopardise the band's fragile future.