It may have seen The Chronicles Of Narniastealing its thunder but UIP's King Kong was stillroaring loud internationally over the New Year weekend.

With an estimated three-daygross (December 30-January 1) of $29m off 6,713 locations in 49 territories thegreat ape saw only a 19% week-on-week drop off.

Its cumulative grossinternationally had reached $222.5m by Sunday and Monday (January 2) saw itpass $400m worldwide.

With Christmas out the wayand audiences finding more time at their disposal to accommodate the over-threehour epic the film rallied. In the UK figures improved 39% over the (partially closeddown) Christmas weekend with $4.6m. It was second for the weekend but Sundaysaw it place first for the day with $1.3m in the territory. It has earned$36.6m (£21.1m) in total after three weekends.

France crossed $20m at the weekend as figures rose 3% week-on-week, while Australia jumped 24% and boasts an $11m total.

Germany stands just over $15m, Spain $11m and Russia $8m. In Japan King Kong has grossed $10m,South Korea'stally is nearly $17m.

In Mexico and Brazil, where the film remains number one, it has grossed$12.5m and $4.1m respectively.