(Well Made Entertainment) Co-prod: Yu-bin Pictures. Backer/dist: CJEntertainment. Drama about a disadvantaged woman who goes through universityand beyond thanks to the help of a nameless benefactor. Exec prod: ParkDong-ho. Dir: Gong Jeong-shik. Main cast: Ha Ji-won, Yeon Jeong-hoon. Shootingfrom July.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8291


(Chungeorahm) Dist: Chungeorahm. Drama about a career woman who is honest aboutlove, and the two men who fall for her. Exec prod: Choi Yong-bae. Dir/Scr: KangYi-kwan. Main cast: Moon So-ri.
Contact: Chungeorahm, (82) 2 548 2953

(sio_t Film) Backer/dist: Show East. Story of a poor boxer who accepts money tolet people beat him up. Dir/Scr: Ryoo Seung-wan. Main cast: Choi Min-shik, RyooSeung-beom. Shooting from September.
Contact: Show East, (82) 2 3446 9590

(Zininsa Film) Budget: $10m. Int'l sales/Dist: CJ Entertainment. Maritimeaction film about a modern-day pirate who has been betrayed by both South andNorth Korea, and who wishes to take revenge. Dir: Kwak Kyung-taek. Main cast:Jang Dong-gun, Lee Jung-jae. Shooting from August 2004.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8291

(Film Mania) Backer/dist: Show East. Drama about inline skaters and streetlife. Dir/Scr: Jeong Jae-eun. Shooting from late August.
Contact: Show East, (82) 2 3446 9590


(Kim Ki-duk Films) Budget: $1m. Backer:Happinet [Japan]. Int'l sales: Cineclick Asia. Love story about a man whowanders about, sleeping in abandoned homes, and a woman that he saves. Co-prod:Suh Young-joo. Dir/Scr: Kim Ki-duk. Music: Michael Nyman. Shooting from July 1.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2 538 0211

(LJ Film) Budget: $2.1m. Backer/dist: Showbox. A detective who is unfaithful tohis wife comes across a new woman while investigating a murder. Exec prod: LeeSeung-jae. Dir: Byun Hyuk (Daniel H. Byun). Main cast: Han Suk-kyu, Lee Eun-ju,Seong Hyun-ah, Eom Ji-won. Shooting from June 7.
Contact: LJ Film, (82) 2 3444 2466

(Sidus Corp.) Budget: $4.7m. Backer: IM Pictures. Int'l sales: Mirovision.Dist: Showbox. A trek to the South Pole turns into a horrific nightmare. Execprod: Tcha Seung-jai. Co-prod: Bridget Bourke. Dir/Scr: Im Phil-sung. DoP:Jeong Jung-hoon. Main cast: Song Kang-ho, Yu Ji-tae, Kang Hye-jung, ParkHee-soon, Yoon Je-moon, Kim Kyung-ik. Shooting from May 25 in Korea and NewZealand.
Contact: Mirovision, (82) 2 737 1185

(Cineline II) Budget: $6.7m. Backer/Int'l sales/Dist: Korea Pictures. Dramaabout Korea's first female aviator, who lived in the 1920s. Exec prod: SeokMyung-hong. Prod: Lee Chi-yoon. Dir: Yoon Jong-chan. Scr: Lee In-hwa, YoonJong-chan. DoP: Yoon Hong-shik. Prod des: Kang Jong-ik. Main cast: JangJin-young, Kim Ju-hyuk, Yu Min, Han Ji-min, Toru Nakamura. Shooting in China,Korea, and U.S.A. from late February.
Contact: Korea Pictures, (82) 2 3443 8738

ERASER IN MY HEART (working title)
(Sidus Corp.) Budget: $2.7m. Backer/Int'l sales/Dist: CJ Entertainment. Lovestory about a poor carpenter who dreams of becoming an architect and a richcareer woman. Exec prod: Park Dong-ho. Prod: Kim Sang-min. Dir/Scr: John H.Lee. DoP: Lee Joon-kyu. Prod des: Lee Eun-soo. Main cast: Jung Woo-sung, SonYeh-jin.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8291

FLYING BOYS (working title)
(Fun & Happiness Film) A boy and girl in their last year of high school areforced under different circumstances to take up ballet lessons. Exec prod: KimMi-hee. Prod: Shin Hye-eun. Dir: Byun Young-joo. Scr: Shin Hye-eun, ByunYoung-joo. DoP: Sung Seung-tae. Ed: Park Gok-ji. Prod des: Lee In-ok. Maincast: Yoon Kye-sang, Kim Min-jung.
Contact: Fun & Happiness Film, (82) 2 2264 5231

(Film Mania) Budget: $3.1m. Backer/Int'l sales/Dist: Cinema Service. Comedyabout a man who finds the perfect house, only to discover that a pretty youngghost lives there. Exec prod: Kang Woo-suk. Prod: Lee Min-ho. Dir: KimSang-jin. Main cast: Cha Seung-won, Jang Suh-hee, Son Tae-young.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2192 8731

(Fun & Happiness Film) Mystery thriller about a series ofmurders that take place during Korea's Chosun Dynastry in the 19th century. Exec prod: Kim Mi-hee. Prod: Kim Sung-jae. Dir: Kim Dae-seung. DoP: Choi Yeong-hwan. Prod des: Min Eon-ok. Main cast: Cha Seung-won, Park Yong-woo, JiSung. Shooting from June 27.
Contact: Fun & Happiness Film, (82) 2 2264 5231

(Chungeorahm) Co-prod: Film Bank. Backer/dist: Chungeorahm. An elderly womanfrom a rural village has a rare disease and cannot ride in cars. To see herdaughter's wedding, she sets off on a long journey by foot. Exec prod: ChoiYong-bae. Dir: Koo Sung-jo. Main cast: Goh Doo-shim, Son Byung-ho, KimYe-ryung, Kim Yu-seok, Lee Hye-eun, Park Won-sang. Shooting from June 10.
Contact: Chungeorahm, (82) 2 548 2953

(Sidus Corp.) Budget: $3.3m. Backer/Int'l sales/Dist: CJ Entertainment. Biopicof a real-life baseball player from the Korean League in the 1980s who rackedup an unmatched record for failure. Exec prod: Tcha Seung-jai, Romeo Noh. Prod:Yoon Sang-oh. Dir: Kim Jong-hyun. Scr: Kim Jong-hyun. DoP: Kim Young-ho. Ed:Shin Min-kyung. Prod des: Park Il-hyun. Music: Cho Sung-woo. Main cast: LeeBeom-soo, Yoon Jin-seo, Gong Yu, Lee Hyuk-jae, Ryu Seung-soo, Kim Su-mi.Scheduled for mid-September release.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8291

(Zininsa Films) Budget: $2.2m. Backer/Int'l sales/Dist: CJ Entertainment. Atough young guy tries to come to terms with having a handicapped brother. Execprod: Park Dong-ho. Prod: Jung Hoe-seok, Yang Joong-kyung, Park Sung-keun.Dir/Scr: An Kwon-tae. DoP: Hwang Ki-seok. Main cast: Won Bin, Shin Ha-kyun, KimHae-sook, Lee Bo-young. Scheduled for late September release.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8291

(I Film) Dist: CJ Entertainment. A woman tracks down all of her old lovers, butthey all reject her. Humiliated, she decides to get her revenge. Exec prod: JungHoon-tack. Prod: Park Sung-hoon. Dir: Kwon Jong-kwan. Scr: Park Sung-kyung,Kwon Jong-kwan. DoP: Lim Chan. Ed: Moon In-dae. Prod des: Kim Nam-kyung. Costdes: Kim Si-jin. Main cast: Kim Sun-ah, Kim Su-roh, Lee Hyun-woo, Gong Yu, NaMoon-hee, Kim Kwang-il.
Contact: I Film, (82) 2 549 6450

(SIZ Entertainment) Budget: $2.2m. Backer/dist: Chungeorahm. Drama about atrumpet player who moves to a rural town to become a middle school musicteacher. Exec prod: Choi Yong-bae. Prod: Jo Seong-won. Co-prod: Choi Eun-hwa.Dir: Ryu Jang-ha. Scr: Yoon Jae-keun, Lee Eun-kyoung, Jung Deok-jae, RyuJang-ha. DoP: Lee Mo-gae. Ed: Kim Hyun. Prod des: Lee Geun-ah. Cost des: KimMin-young. Music: Cho Sung-woo. Main cast: Choi Min-shik, Kim Ho-jung, Jang Sin-young,Kim Kang-woo, Yoon Yeo-jung. Shooting from late February.
Contact: Chungeorahm, (82) 2 548 2953

(The Zone Film) Budget: $1.7m. An updated version of the Korean fairy tale'The Princess and the Fool,' in which the two are reincarnated asmodern-day high school students. Dir: Oh Deok-hwan. Main cast: Im Eun-kyung,Eun Ji-won, Park No-shik, Kim Je-rok.
Contact: The Zone Film, (82) 2 538 1920

(Sidus Corp.) Budget: $5.0m. Dist: CJ Entertainment. Biopic of legendary prowrestler Rikidozan, who found worldwide success in post-war Japan as an ethnicKorean. Exec prod: Tcha Seung-jai. Prod: Kim Seon-ah. Dir: Song Hye-sung. Maincast: Sol Kyung-gu, Miki Nakatani. Shooting from April 20.
Contact: Sidus Corp., (82) 2 6005 6000

(Fun & Happiness Film) Budget: $1.9m. When a young male teacher starts workat a new girls high school, he sparks a rivalry between a fellow teacher andone of his students. Exec prod: Kim Ki-hee. Prod: Im Ji-young. Dir: JangKyu-sung. Scr: Jang Kyu-sung, Lee Won-jae. DoP: Lee Doo-man. Lighting: KangSung-hoon. Main cast: Yeom Jung-ah, Lee Se-young, Lee Ji-hoon.
Contact: Fun & Happiness Film, (82) 2 2264 5231


(Digital Dream Studios) Animated film set in a far-off galaxy, about theprincess of a warring tribe who builds a robotic Ark to protect her people.Exec Prod: Lee Jung-guen, Earl Jarred, John Woo, Terrance Chang. Prod: JungKwang-chul, Kang Dong-jun. Dir: Hwang Hyo-seon, Kwak Jae-yong. Scr: DavidWeinstein, Jordan Itkowitz. Main cast: James Woods, Kirby Orrow, Chiara Zanni,Trevor Devall.
Contact: Digital Dream Studios, 82 2 2140 4043.

(A-Post Pictures) Budget: $2.3m. Int'l sales: Mirovision. Backer/dist: BVIKorea. Horror film about an ostracised student who begins to unleash a curse onher classmates. Dir/Scr: An Byung-ki. Main cast: Kim Kyu-ri, Lee Sae-eun, LeeYu-ri, Ha Ji-won, Choi Sung-min, Choi Cheong-yoon. Shooting from March 21 toJune 24.
Contact: Mirovision, (82) 2 737 1185

(Keyweck Shidae) Backer: Sius, DaesungGroup, etc. Heartwarming comedy about a DJ in a low class dance hall who hashis wife run away, and who is left to look after his talented young son. Execprod: Yoo In-taek. Dir: Lee Sang-hoon. Scr: Jang Sa-hyun. DoP: Kim Jae-ho. Ed:Moon In-dae. Prod des: Lee Chul-ho. Music: Kim Chang-hwan, Jang Dae-sung. Maincast: Jung Woong-in, Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Min-seo, Lee Young-ja, Jung Bo-seok,Kim Mi-hwa.
Contact: Keyweck Shidae, (82) 2 514 4242

(Filma Pictures) Co-prod: Ma-in Entertainment. Budget: $2.3m. Int'l sales:Cineclick Asia. Dist: Lotte Cinema. Horror film centered around a remoteworkshop where dolls are made. Exec prod: Han Man-taek, Im Kyung-taek, SeoBeom-seok. Prod: Shin Woo-seong. Dir/Scr: Jeong Yong-ki. DoP: Jo Cheol-ho. Ed:Nam Na-young. Prod des: Jeon Soo-ah. Cost des: Kim Shi-jin. Music: ParkJi-woong. Main cast: Im Eun-kyung, Kim Yu-mi, Ok Ji-young, Shim Hyung-tak, ImHyung-joon, Cheon Ho-jin. Scheduled for late July release.
Contact: Cineclick Asia, (82) 2 538 0211

(Taewon Entertainment) Budget: $2.7. Backer/Int'l sales/Dist: Cinema Service.Remake of About Adam (2000), about three sisters who fall in love with the sameattractive man. Exec prod: Chung Tae-won. Dir: Chang Hyun-soo. Main cast: LeeByung-heon, Choi Ji-woo, Choo Sang-mi, Kim Hyo-jin, Sunwoo Yong-nyeo, KimHae-gon. Scheduled for late July release.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2192 8731

(I Film) Budget: $2.1m. Dist: CJ Entertainment, I Love Cinema. Drama about alove affair between a psychiatrist and one of his patients. Prod: JungHoon-tack, Choi Soo-young. Dir/Scr: Kim In-sik. DoP: Kim Woo-hyung. Ed: LeeEun-soo. Music: Jang Young-gyu. Main cast: Kim Hye-soo, Kim Tae-woo, HanJeong-soo, Yun Chan. Shooting from February 2 to May 31.
Contact: I Film, (82) 2 549 6450

(Tube Pictures) Budget: $1.4m. Backer/Int'l sales/Dist: Tube Entertainment. Ayoung woman returns to her father and younger brother after serving a two-yearjail sentence for pickpocketing. Exec prod: Kim Seung-bum. Prod: HwangWoo-hyun. Co-prod: Ryu Soo-chul. Dir/Scr: Lee Jung-cheol. DoP: Choi Sang-mook.Ed: Nam Na-young. Prod des: Kang So-young. Music: Lee Dong-joon. Main cast: SooAe, Joo Hyun, Park Ji-bin, Eom Tae-woong, Park Hee-soon, Jeong Wook.
Contact: Tube Entertainment, (82) 2 547 8435

(Ivision Entertainment) Budget: $5.4m. Int'l sales: Korea Pictures. Dist:Chungeorahm. Based on the story of a legendary martial arts fighter who leftKorea for Japan in the early 20th century. Exec prod: Victor Hwang,Jeon Ho-jin. Prod: Jung Yong-il. Dir/Scr: Yang Yun-ho. DoP: Shin Ok-hyun. Ed:Park Soon-duk. Music: Choi Man-sik. Main cast: Yang Dong-geun, Aya Hirayama,Kato Masaya, Jeong Tae-woo, Jeong Doo-hong, Park Sung-min.
Contact: Korea Pictures, (82) 2 3445 6589

(LT Pictures) Co-prod: BM Film. Budget: $1.7m. Backer: BM, Hapdong Films. Int'lSales: Mirovision. Dist: Hapdong Films. Romantic comedy based on an internetnovel about an ordinary high school girl and a boy who keeps getting intotrouble. Exec prod: Kwak Jeong-hwan, Lee Hwang-lim. Dir/Scr: Lee Hwan-kyung.DoP: Park Seung-bae. Ed: Kim Sun-min. Prod des: Kim In-nam. Main cast: SongSeung-hun, Jung Da-bin, Park Yun-bae, Lee Ki-woo, Lee Min-hyuk.
Contact: Mirovision, (82) 2 737 1185

(May Films) Budget: $2.3m. Int'l sales/Dist: CJ Entertainment. A woman tries tokeep her boyfriend from being seduced by a movie star. Exec Prod: Park Dong-ho.Prod: Jang Mi-ae. Dir: Park Jae-hyun. Scr: Kim Sun-mi, Lee Suk-joon. DoP: KimYoon-soo. Ed: Park Gok-ji. Prod des: Ha Sang-ho. Main cast: Kim Jung-eun, KimSang-kyung, Oh Seung-hyun, Lee Yu-jin. Scheduled for late July release.
Contact: CJ Entertainment, (82) 2 726 8291

(Keyweck-shidae) Budget: $1.7m. Int'l sales/Dist: Korea Pictures. A young manin divinity school is tempted away from his studies by the heartbroken niece ofthe local priest. Dir: Heo In-moo. Main cast: Kwon Sang-woo, Ha Ji-won, KimIn-kwon, Kim In-moon.
Contact: Korea Pictures, (82) 2 3445 6589

(C& Film) Budget: $2.5m. Backer/Int'l sales/Dist: Cinema Service. A horrorfilm set during the Vietnam War. Exec prod: Chang Youn-hyun. Prod: ChoeKang-heuk. Dir/Scr: Gong Soo-chang. DoP: Seok Hyeung-jing. Ed: Nam Na-young.Music: Dalparan. Main cast: Gam Woo-sung, Son Byung-ho, Oh Tae-kyung, ParkWon-sang, Lee Seon-gyun, Kim Byung-cheol. Shooting in Vietnam and Cambodia.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2192 8731

(Hanmac Films) Co-prod: Monday Entertainment. Budget: $2.1m. Dist: Showbox.HD-shot comic horror film about a gangster, a villager and a ghost who meet ina town forgotten by time. Exec prod: Jonathan Kim. Dir: Shin Jeong-won. Scr:Hwang In-ho, Lee Chang-shi. DoP: Oh Hyun-jae. Lighting: Kim Yu-shin. Main cast:Lim Chang-jung, Kwon Oh-joong, Im Eun-kyung, Byun Hee-bong.
Contact: Hanmac Films, (82) 2 2268 6071

(C& Film) Budget: $4.2m. Backer/Int'l sales/Dist: Cinema Service. Amystery-action film about a detective involved in a $10m drug case and atraffic reporter. Dir: Chang Yoon-hyun. Main cast: Goh Su, Song Ji-hyo, LeeDong-kyu, Kang Shin-il, Kang Sung-jin, Jo Kyung-hoon. Scheduled for a Novemberrelease.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2192 8731

(Cine2000) Budget: $1.7m. Backer/Int'l sales/Dist: Cinema Service. A highschool student wishes to master Taekwondo, even though he has no talent for it.Exec prod: Lee Choon-yeon. Prod: Kim Bok-geun, Lee Se-young. Dir: Nam Sang-guk.Scr: Shin Dong-ik. DoP: Park Sang-hoon. Ed: Park Gok-ji. Cost des: KimHyang-hee. Music: Lee Young-ho. Main cast: Kim Dong-won, Hyun Bin, Jo An, LeeLi-woo, Moon Ji-yoon.
Contact: Cinema Service, (82) 2 2192 8731

(Sidus Corporation) Budget: $1.9m. Backer: IM Pictures. Int'l sales/Dist:Showbox. A country girl moves to Seoul, and becomes a target for the twobest-looking guys in the neighborhood. Exec prod: Choi Wan, Tcha Seung-jai,Romeo Noh. Prod: Lee Jung-hak. Dir/Scr: Kim Tae-gyun. DoP: Jin Young-hwan. Ed:Goh Im-pyo. Prod des: Kim Hyun-ok. Cost des: Kim Kyung-mi. Music: LeeHoon-seok. Main cast: Jo Han-sun, Kang Dong-won, Lee Cheong-ah, Jeong Da-hye,Lee Cheon-hee, Song Chae-min. Scheduled for late July release.
Contact: Showbox, (82) 2 3218 5626